Current Team


Chen Feng (冯晨)

Principle Investigator (PI) of the AI4CE group. One of Chen’s most ambitious academic dream is to enable robots like Wall-E and Baymax which could help humanity.

Ruoyu Wang

Ruoyu is a PhD student. He received his B.S. in University of Florida. His research interest is Robot Perception, Machine Learning, and their application in Civil Engineering.

Siyuan Xiang

Siyuan is a PhD student. She received her B.Eng. in Wuhan University and M.S. in Nanyang Technological University. Her research interest is 3D deep learning and spatial AR with applications in construction and manufacturing.

Xuchu Xu

Xuchu is a PhD student. His motto is “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” and wants to be a man from the future.

Wenyu Han

Wenyu is a PhD student. He received his B.Eng. in Dalian University of Technology and M.S. in Northwestern University. His research interest is reinforcement learning, computer vision, and their applications in robotics.

Yiming Li

Yiming is a PhD student. He received his B.E. in Tongji University. His research interest is Robot Perception, Navigation and Machine Learning.

Hanwen Zhao

Hanwen is a PhD student. He received his B.S. from University of Colorado Boulder and M.S. from Columbia University. His research interests are Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Chao Chen

Chao is a PHD student. He is interested in computer vision and robotics. His interest shaped him the sense of engineering to adapt rapidly to the study of computer science.

Congcong Wen

Congcong is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). He was a visiting Ph.D. student at NYU AI4CE lab. His research focuses on artificial intelligence and computer vision for remote sensing applications.

Qianyi Shi

I am currently a M.S. student in urban informatics from New York University. In past years, I worked as a full-time software engineer for two years.

Bilal Sher

Bilal is a MS Civil Engineering student, with a BSc. from the University of Calgary. He is passionate about using technologies such as computer vision and deep learning to solve civil engineering problems.

Kiki Sarpong

I am a Mechatronics and Robotics M.S student at NYU tandon. I have strong interests in robot perception, navigation, and machine learning as well as a huge passion for the self-driving vehicle and space industry.

Shivam Joshi

Shivam is an M.S. Robotics student at NYU Tandon. He is a robotics enthusiast and working on robot perception problems.

Anbang Yang

I’m an M.S. student in Mechanical Engineering. My research interest is Robot Perception and indoor navigation. In my spare time, I like to work out, swim and play the violin.

Haoran Wu

Haoran is a mechatronics and robotics M.S. student at NYU Tandon, working on robot perception and deep reinforcement learning for mobile printing.

Abhishek Rathod

I am a MS student at NYU specializing in Mobile Robotics. My research interests include robot perception, localization, and reinforcement learning. It is my goal to engineer safe, reliable, and efficient autonomous robots.

Yuxiang Chai

I from Hangzhou. I like coding, like the feeling of typing on the keyboard. And watching movies and listening to music are my favorite. Working with Prof. Feng is one of my wisest choices at NYU and I learned a lot during the process.

Xinru Li

I am an undergrad computer science student at NYU Tandon, have research interest in analyzing data and applying machine learning to urban improvement.

Ziyan An

Ziyan is a junior student at NYU Tandon, majoring in Computer Science. Her passions are artificial intelligence and software development. She is aspired to make meaningful contributions to the world of AI.

Yuchen Liu

I am a junior student major in computer science studying at New York University. My focus is software engineering and game development. I am developing a 3D AI browser in AI4CE Lab at NYU.

Andrew Liang

Andrew is a computer science B.S. student at NYU, who enjoys learning about computer vision, graphics, and how to make robots more intelligent. He likes creating digital art and reading about emerging technologies in his free time.

Benjamin Liang

I am an undergraduate computer science student at NYU Tandon. My interests include learning about robotics, psychology, and haptic technology.

Uljad Berdica

Uljad is an undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at NYU. His interests are computational physics, robot vision methods and hardware design; always aiming to develop tools that facilitate meaningful innovation.

Yuewei Fu

Yuewei is an undergraute student at NYU. His interest lies in robotics systems especially the integration of mechanical-electrical systems.

Selected Publications

SPARE3D: A Dataset for SPAtial REasoning on Three-View Line Drawings. CVPR, 2020.


PDF Code Project Video

Real-time soft body 3D proprioception via deep vision-based sensing. RA-L/ICRA, 2020.


PDF Code Project Video

FoldingNet: Point Cloud Auto-encoder via Deep Grid Deformation. CVPR (spotlight), 2018.


PDF Code Video

Point-plane SLAM for hand-held 3D sensors. ICRA, 2013.


PDF Video

Recent Publications

Simultaneous Navigation and Construction Benchmarking Environments. arXiv, 2021.


PDF Code Project

Fooling LiDAR Perception via Adversarial Trajectory Perturbation. arXiv, 2021.


PDF Code Project

VLASE: Vehicle Localization by Aggregating Semantic Edges. IROS, 2018.


PDF Code Video

Simultaneous Edge Alignment and Learning. ECCV, 2018.


PDF Project Video

Mining Point Cloud Local Structures by Kernel Correlation and Graph Pooling. CVPR, 2018.


PDF Code

FasTFit: A fast T-spline fitting algorithm. Computer-Aided Design, 2017.


PDF Video

Fast Resampling of Three-Dimensional Point Clouds via Graphs. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2017.


PDF Code

Direct Multichannel Tracking. 3DV, 2017.


PDF Video

Deep Active Learning for Civil Infrastructure Defect Detection and Classification. Computing in Civil Engineering, 2017.


PDF Slides


We offer the following courses at NYU across multiple departments:

  • Every Fall (since 2018): ROB-GY 6203 Robot Perception (Graduate)
  • Every Spring (since 2020): ROB-UY 3203 Robot Vision (Undergraduate)
  • Every Semester (since 2019): NYU Self-Drive (VIP)
  • 2020 Summer: Machine Learning for MAE/Robotics (Graduate)
  • 2019 Spring: Emerging Information and Automation Technologies (Graduate)

Funding Sources

We are very grateful for the funding supports from the following agencies, organizations, and companies:


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  • 4th floor, RH409, 6 MetroTech Center, New York University, NY 11201, USA
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