In general, if you are interested in the research in AI4CE, please:

  1. Read the group’s webpage to get a basic sense of the research projects, through our past and recent publications.
  2. Fill this form (instead of emailing the PI directly):
  3. Wait for our Senior Members’ email reply, but please expect some delay in response due to our busy research schedule. You can also reach out to our Senior Members directly if you are looking for faster responses.
  4. If you want to apply for an international visiting student, please note that we expect your physical visit to last for 6 months ideally (at least for 3 months). Note that NYU needs 2 to 3 months to process all the paperwork for you to apply for VISA, if you need one.

For PostDoc Applicants

  1. Please follow the instructions here.

For PhD Applicants

  1. The PI typically advises PhD students from different units of NYU (e.g., CUE/MAE/CSE/Courant), as long as there is a good match of research interests (broadly, AI & Robotics) from a competitive candidate.
  2. Strong coding and/or hands-on robotic skills are basic requirements. Past research publications in relevant fields that overlap with the group’s publication venues (CVPR/NeurIPS/ICRA/AutCon/etc.) are strongly preferred.

For MS & UG & K12

  1. If you are with NYU already, after you have been with AI4CE for at least one semester, paid position might be available in form of lab manager, graders, and/or research assistant. In addition, other ways of engaging with the group officially include taking an independent/guided research course, or MS/capstone project with the PI (we have done that for students from CUE/CSE/MAE/ECE/Courant in the past).
  2. If you are NOT with NYU, we welcome all kinds of volunteering-based research internship (including summer or remote ones), but we cannot offer any paid positions due to the university policy.
  3. Attending our weekly group meeting is the best way to understand what we are doing and to learn about new research opportunities.
  4. If you want to officially register independent study, MS project, or thesis with our lab, please follow the Research Project Guidelines and Proposal Template (open to NYU students).