Primitive Fitting Using Deep Boundary Aware Geometric Segmentation

To identify and fit geometric primitives (e.g., planes, spheres, cylinders, cones) in a noisy point cloud is a challenging yet beneficial task for fields such as robotics and reverse engineering. As a multi-model multi-instance fitting problem, it …

FoldingNet: Point Cloud Auto-encoder via Deep Grid Deformation

The state-of-the-art unsupervised deep auto-encoder of point clouds which reconstruct order point clouds from unordered input, useful for autonomous driving, robotic scene understanding, etc.

FasTFit: A fast T-spline fitting algorithm

T-spline has been recently developed to represent objects of arbitrary shapes using a smaller number of control points than the conventional NURBS or B-spline representations in computer aided design, computer graphics, and reverse engineering. …

Fast plane extraction in organized point clouds using agglomerative hierarchical clustering

The fastest plane detection algorithm on single-core CPU (35Hz for VGA size) for organized point clouds.

Point-plane SLAM for hand-held 3D sensors